Meikle Wind will create economic benefits for the local region and British Columbia throughout its operational life. Over the 25-year term of the power purchase agreement with BC Hydro, Meikle Wind will contribute more than $70 million dollars in payments for property taxes, the Crown lease and community benefits.

Meikle Wind supports the local economy by creating jobs and increasing demand for goods and services from local and regional businesses, including those owned by First Nations members:

  • The construction of Meikle Wind required an average of 150 skilled and unskilled workers and contractors, with up to 275 workers needed on site during periods of peak activity.  
  • Operating Meikle Wind supports 9 full-time positions.
  • Meikle Wind contributes approximately $1.2 million annually to the local economy in direct spending on operating expenditures, property taxes, the community benefit program, and charitable contributions.